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Welcome to Wild About Pilates

We offer modified physio-led Pilates sessions in Macclesfield. Physio-led Pilates is not just for people with injuries; the exercises can be modified from beginner level to elite level athletes. You will be under the supervision of a qualified physiotherapist who can adapt exercises to your needs.

This is the first Pilates class I have ever attended and I feel great! … I highly recommend this to everyone!!
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B Coghlan

If you do have problems such as back pain, this method is a safe and effective way to help improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility. It also promotes well being and is an enjoyable way to exercise.

Most of us have something we can improve, whether it be to improve fitness, strength or balance. Pilates is a great way to address all of these areas and more.

What you can expect from Wild About Pilates?

Chrissie has given me such a warm welcome and quietly guided me through my first few classes so that I feel completely at ease.
H Starkey